【Christinaが言ったこと】【Christina said】

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Today was the last day for our orientations which was held at business school building and we all exchange students  who came to study business from all over the world especially Europe countries met up, so all of orientations were done. Finally, I’ve met with our business school coordinator Christina cause we had just contacted on an email. She is so kind and always said like if you have questions or something, let me know. When we Japanese exchange students talked with her after the orientation, we were said from her that she had visited to Japan to Oberlin and Meiji for two weeks in Spring 2015, it was amazing, she wants to go back soon again. It was so glad to hear as a Japanese. I thought our Japanese exchange students are looked like Japanese impressions of other people in Finland. Especially, of course I’m looked Oberlin’s impression of them too. I will study as a representative of many things.




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